HL OBSESSIONS: Here’s a list of Courtney and Derrick’s favorite apps to help keep you sane

This edition of HL Obsessions is a little different. We're focusing on apps you can download to make your life easier at home during this time.

HOUSTON – If you’re at home feeling stir crazy during this time, Courtney and Derrick are keeping all viewers in mind and are trying to help out as much as possible.

If you’re a regular viewer, you may be familiar with Houston Life’s monthly segment, HL Obsessions.

Once a month Courtney and Derrick share some of their favorite products with us all. Whether it’s their favorite beauty items, food, clothing or accessories, they always have us covered.

This month, they are switching things up a bit. They are focusing on free apps you can download to help you with exercises, cooking, your finances and entertainment.

Full disclosure: Courtney and Derrick are not paid or compensated by these companies at all, these are simply apps they love.

Check out the list below:



“It essentially walks you through a workout in 7 minutes, but it’s an interval workout… So you keep your heart rate up, it keeps you moving… It doesn’t just walk you through the exercise, it shows you how do it.” - Derrick



“For all the wannabe chefs out there, it’s such a cool app! It puts everything in one place and I like being able to see what the process of a recipe looks like before I begin.” - Courtney



“While you’re at home… get your credit score up people! This is a great app to do it. Essentially it lays out your financial picture for you. It will give you all kinds of tips and information.” - Derrick



“This one is the bomb dot com! Have you ever looked up at night and wondered is that Venus, Pluto, what is that? On a clear night you can basically hold your phone up to the sky and it maps out what you’re looking for. From the constellations to the planets… you can travel with this app… even your kids right now, it’s a great evening science lesson.” - Courtney

Stay tuned for April favorites coming to you next month!

About the Author:

Catherine Sorto is a native Houstonian, a true crime junkie and loves flamin' chips.