Extreme Foods: Spice up your love life with these spicy chocolate-covered strawberries at Edibles

Burning Love strawberries from Edible in Houston
Burning Love strawberries from Edible in Houston (KPRC)

Houston – Love is officially in the air.

If you’re still uncertain what to give your significant other this holiday, why not some “Burning Love" strawberries? Here’s the kicker, these aren’t just any regular chocolate-covered treats. These spicy treats from Edibles will have you turning redder than an actual strawberry.

Burning Love Bouquet at Edibles in Houston
Burning Love Bouquet at Edibles in Houston (KPRC)

This Valentine’s Day we are turning up the heat with some sweet chocolate strawberries, covered in chipotle chili flakes. Now I’m sure you’re questioning by now, who would eat spicy strawberries? People who love spicy foods that’s who.

When I asked one the owners of Houston’s Edible location where the idea came from, they said it was from using Tajin. If you never heard of Tajin, it’s a chili-lime seasoning people use on their fruits to add some extra flavor.

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Sweet until it kicks

Just like every “Extreme Food” I devour, I was curious as to what these strawberries were going to taste like. Growing up in South Texas, I remember always adding Tajin, to all of my fruits. If this was anything similar to my childhood, then these strawberries were going to be delightful.

But, I was wrong.

The strawberries were delicious and the chocolate was to die for, however, the chipotle chili flakes definitely gave this sweet treat a kick. At first, the sweetness overpowered the fruit, but seconds later as the flakes remained in my mouth, it was hard for me to talk due to the spices.

Watch as I try the ‘Burning Love’ strawberry:

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Would I buy this “Burning Love” strawberries? Absolutely! A little spice never killed anybody.

Edibles offer a variety of sweet options for the holiday. The “Burning Love” treats are only available for a limited time while supplies last.

Burning Love Bouquet at Edibles in Houston
Burning Love Bouquet at Edibles in Houston (KPRC)

If you can’t handle the heat, they have a full menu of sweet items. For more information or to order the Burning Love strawberries, visit their website here.

Me after a Burning Love strawberry

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