EXTREME FOODS: Bet you can’t eat more than 2 slices of this pizza from Houston’s Original Fuzzy’s Pizza

Mamma Mia! This pizza is massive

Original Fuzzy's Pizza located in Houston (KPRC)

HOUSTON – Hope you are wearing your stretchy pants because the Original Fuzzy’s Pizza is serving a 28-inch pizza. That’s right, a 28-inch pizza. That’s twice the size of a large 14-inch pizza you find at most pizza shops.

Since 1984, the Original Fuzzy’s Pizza and Cafe has been serving and slicing pizza in the Houston area. For more than 35 years, Fuzzy’s has become a household name, providing high-quality ingredients, a variety of specialty pizzas and sizes, including the “Big Texan.”

The Big Texan at the Original Fuzzy's Pizza in Houston (KPRC)

Scroll down to see Carlos attempt the Big Texan

Just like the motto “everything is bigger in Texas,” the Big Texan is a whopping 28 inches! Whether you’re craving pepperoni or want a healthier option such as spinach, all of Fuzzy’s pizzas range from nine to 28 inches.

With nearly 20 specialty pizzas, two dozen available toppings, and 20 homemade desserts, there is surely something you can find here. Some of these specialties include, President Bush’s Pizza and First Lady Barbara Bush’s Pizza, named after former President George H. W. and Barbara Bush, dear friends of Fuzzy’s.

The Big Texan at the Original Fuzzy's Pizza in Houston (KPRC)

Carlos’s Experience

I can see how President Bush and the First Lady became good friends with Fuzzy and his wife Rita. When I arrived to the restaurant, I was immediately greeted with a big welcome and warm smile. The Fuzzy’s walked me through the restaurant, showing me a number of awards and how the place grew since its founding back in 1984.

I chatted with the owner about the history of the business and what makes his customers come back. The answer was simple: fresh high-quality ingredients, outstanding customer service and its family-oriented environment. After taking a peek inside his kitchen, it was time to get my hands on the massive Big Texan.

At the Original Fuzzy’s Pizza, you gotta be ready with a big appetite. When I saw the pie in the kitchen, I knew this was going to be a challenge, even with my love for pizza. When they brought out the Big Texan, both hands were needed to transport it.

As they walked with the enormous pie, an entourage of folks were cheering on with a cowbell. It was a tradition the restaurant did, any time someone orders the meal. After setting the pizza on three silver tray stands, they cut the pie up into 12 slices. Let’s just say that one slice was longer my face. Finally, it was time to dig it.

Watch as I attempt to eat the Big Texan


The Big Texan at the Original Fuzzy's Pizza in Houston (KPRC)
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The Big Texan at the Original Fuzzy's Pizza in Houston

Fuzzy’s offers a variety of topics and sizes. The “Big Texan” size begins at $40.00 and varies depending on the toppings.

Fuzzy’s Pizza & Cafe

Phone: 713-682-8836

823 Antoine Houston, TX 77024

South of I-10 on Antoine across the freeway from IKEA

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Thu 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Friday 11:00 am - 9:30 pm

Saturday 11:30 am - 9:30 pm