3 ways to serve wine like a pro

Tips to remember when offering red, white and sparkling wine to guests

HOUSTON – You don't have to be a sommelier, to serve wine like a pro.

Serving wine in the wrong type of glass can affect its taste, aroma, body and finish.

Maximilian Riedel, 11th generation CEO and President of Riedel, shares his tips to get the perfect pour every time.

1. Find glassware that fits your lifestyle and palate

When it comes to shopping for glassware, think about the type and size of storage you have, how often you entertain, and what styles of wine you most often drink. Think about red vs. white or more specifically, a Cabernet vs. Pinot Noir. It's perfectly ok to serve wine in stemless glass. Stemless is a great option, if you're tight on space or worried about kids or pets knocking over glasses. Long-stemmed glasses are formal and should be reserved for serious entertainers.

2. Match stemware with wines

Red wines prefer a larger bowl that allows the bigger aromas and flavors of a red wine to open up. White wines prefer a smaller bowl directs fruit flavors in the wine directly to the nose and palate. Remember, never serve champagne or sparkling wines in a flute or a coupe, these shapes do a disservice to this style of wine. Instead, serve bubbly wines in a wine glass similar in shape to a white wine glass.

3. Decanting wine is a must

All wines can be decanted, reds, whites and even champagnes. For reds, Riedel recommends decanting red wines an hour before serving, giving the wine plenty of time to aerate as it is poured to and from the decanter. Others can be decanted and served immediately.

Riedel is known for revolutionizing the wine drinking experience with varietal specific wine glasses. 

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