Houston Life’s Brunch Bunch visits Ol’ Railroad Cafe in Historic Downtown Rosenberg

This group of hungry foodies heads west for culture and homestyle cookin'

HOUSTON – Houston, get ready to brunch! KPRC 2's Houston Life has assembled a team to taste-test and review some of our city's top brunch spots. Up next: Ol' Railroad Cafe in Rosenberg.

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Ol' Railroad Cafe is located in the heart of Downtown Rosenberg. With plenty of character, charm and of course, homestyle cookin', you'll want to make sure this spot is on your brunch bucket list.

The bunch decided on the following dishes, as described by chef Clint Stump.


Omelet Station:


Choice of: Bell peppers, jalapenos, bacon, cheddar, tomatoes, red onion, ham, turkey, cheese, country potatoes and toast

"You choose the ingredients, you make the omelet, breakfast potatoes [and] toast."

Chicken & Waffles


Country fried chicken, Belgian waffles, warm maple syrup and berries

"Homemade waffle batter, hand battered fried chicken and homemade waffle, fresh berries on the side."

Eggs Not-So-Benedict


Petite crab cakes, poached eggs, hollandaise, toast and country potatoes

"3 crab cakes, 3 poached eggs, breakfast potatoes, toast and hollandaise sauce."

Shrimp & Grits


Creamy corn grits, bacon, cheddar, scallions, blackened shrimp and andouille sausage

"Homemade grits, cream corn, blackened shrimp, andouille sausage, cheese, bacon and green onions."

Santa Fe Steak & Eggs


NY strip, poached eggs, hollandaise or firehouse salsa and country potatoes

"Seared strip steak, two fried eggs breakfast potatoes, hollandaise sauce on top."


So, what did the Brunch Bunch think of Ol' Railroad Cafe?

The Atmosphere:

"The restaurant has a very familiar, friendly, down home feel. Even though I have never eaten here before I feel like I walked out with some new friends," said Derrick Shore.

"I think that it’s really comfortable. I love that it’s next door to an antique shop. There’s all the old touches of the original building. It adds to the experience, it makes it a little bit more fun and enjoyable, said Dom McGee.

Food Quality:

"I had steak and eggs and let me tell you this is a meal for every meat lover [...]. Now, here’s the deal. If you like beef, he has done an amazing job at seasoning the steak. The outside of the steak was very crispy so the fat really rendered nicely. But really what made it wonderful is that crispy rind... that edge that when you take that first bite you get that crackle, and then when you get that second bite you get the moistness of the meat and it just keeps going on and on and on. It was wonderful. The potatoes, everything was great," said Darian Lewis.

"I ordered the chicken and waffles, the dish was amazing. The chicken was very crispy, juicy and crunchy. And the waffles itself were like really buttery and fluffy, so I would definitely get it again. Actually, one of the best chicken and waffles I’ve ever had," said Monica Lewis.


"I ordered a simple, classic mimosa orange juice, but it was really, really delicious. It was very balanced," said Beatriz Oliveros.

"I ordered the side car, which I think is a cool name especially with the whole railroad situation going on, the theme. It was very good, it was basically beer, orange juice, and amaretto. So, different little take on a mimosa, fun," said Dom.


"Without question the Ol' Railroad Cafe is family friendly. Again, neighborhood vibe. Very friendly people and all types of people are welcome here you can tell when you walk through the door," said Derrick.

"Yes it is very family friendly. We have a family of seven, so I can see us coming down next week. And just bringing all the kids," said Monica.


"I’ll definitely be back. I cannot wait to bring my husband. I cannot wait to bring more friends to just know about this place. Because this is a hidden gem, I’ve got to tell you. You guys need to come here. This place has everything that you need in a Sunday Brunch. The flavor is amazing. Great place, amazing location, great trip. I can’t wait to be back. It’s definitely worth the trip to Rosenberg. Just come here," said Beatriz.

“Yes for sure. Like literally next Saturday. You can expect to see the Lewis’ running around here,” said Darian and Monica.