Inside Hunter Bell's Houston-based design studio

Fashion from NYC to H-Town

HOUSTON – Hunter Bell describes her fashion style as a bit quirky and edgy - a southern gal with a New York state of mind. 

It’s fitting, as she brought her booming fashion business from New York City to deep in the heart of Texas just a few years ago.

Her transition from New York to Houston hasn’t been without its challenges. She’s had a few doubters along the way.

“When I had this conversation with people heavily involved in my business predominately in New York, they sort of jokingly said, 'Well you should close the business,'” said Bell. “In fact, I was told to close the business when my daughter was born, when moving to Houston, and then shortly thereafter when I was pregnant with twins. I like being told that you should close up shop. It causes me to be a little bit more feisty, and say, 'No, I’m actually going to push even harder to keep this afloat and keep going.'”   

Her feistiness is paying off. Hunter Bell is a featured designer with Rent the Runway and her collection is sold in 100 boutiques nationwide, including Houston favorite Tootsies.

Houston Life’s Courtney Zavala gives you a tour of her studio in the video above.

You can also check out Hunter Bell’s collections here.