RECIPE: Beef empanadas

Recipe provided by Manuel Marini


Hispanic Heritage Month is all about food and family and almost 50 years ago the Marini family came from Argentina and opened an empanada restaurant that has been a Houston’s favorite ever since.

All members of the Marini Family are working hard to keep this unique tradition alive and Marcello Marini owner of “The original Marini’s empanada house” stopped by our studio to share his recipe for beef empanada. According to him, this dish is so popular in South America that is even more famous than tacos.

Beef gaucho empanada filling:

                - 1 ½ lb. Ground Beef 81-19

                - 1 ¼ Lb. Jumbo yellow onions thinly sliced

                - 1 ¼ Teaspoon of Spanish paprika

                - 1 Teaspoon of ground cumin

                - ½ Teaspoon of dried oregano