Chipotle launches new sustainable clothing line including upcycled avocado dye

Chipotle launches new sustainable clothing line
Chipotle launches new sustainable clothing line (Chipotle Goods)

Not only does Chipotle want customers to eat its avocados, but it wants them to wear it too because “it’s okay to be a little extra.”

On Monday the company announced Chipotle Goods, a new sustainable product line featuring clothing and other items such as tote bags and reusable water bottles.

According to CNN Business, avocado pits that would’ve otherwise gone to waste at Chipotle restaurants will be used to dye T-shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags.

Other products that are part of the collection include hats, socks, phone accessories and baby products.

The collection also includes a custom T-shirt and tote bag that allows customers to wear their Chipotle order.

According to CNN, the Chipotle Goods collection has been in the works for 18 months.

“We looked at some of our biggest waste outputs that were landfill bound. We purchase more avocados than any other restaurant in America, which means we produce more avocado pits than any other restaurant,” a Chipotle spokesperson told CNN Business. “Commercial compost isn’t available everywhere, and that meant that a lot of avocado pits were potentially destined for landfills each year. We started brainstorming ways we could use our avocado pits for good, and natural dye was something that kept coming up.”

CNN reports Chipotle Goods items will be made with organic cotton from Loomstate, the food chain’s uniform partner.

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