As Seen on TV Tuesday: 3 Second Lash

HOUSTON – Gorgeous, long and full lashes are in right now. If you weren't born with them, maybe you've tried lash strips or lash extensions. Consumer expert Amy Davis is testing a product that claims to work better than both of those options. It's called 3 Second Lash

Lash extensions can be expensive and they stay on for weeks at a time. Lash strips can be messy because you use adhesive or glue to keep them on. The lashes in 3 Second Lash are magnetic.

"The secret is the micro-magnetic technology that gently sandwiches your natural lashes between the lash strips to create bold, full lashes in seconds," claims the commercial.  

"I can not put on eyelash strips to save my life," KPRC 2 anchor Rachel McNeill said. "I've tried it many times. I usually end up with my eyes being closed shut with glue."

She liked the idea of the magnets that can be snapped together or pulled apart easily. 

"There's very little instruction to it," she said, showing Davis the small instruction booklet enclosed in the package. "That's why I think I liked it."

You should already have your makeup and mascara on before you apply the magnetic lashes. Just lay the top fake lash strip on top of your lashes. Then the bottom set snaps on when you hold it underneath.

We gave Rachel the box the night before the shoot because other reviewers said it takes some practice.

"Once you get used to it, you put them in, but now I feel like this is so much lighter," Rachel said. 

Davis couldn't tell where Rachel's lashes ended and the 3 Second Lash started, which is the whole idea. Rachel tried the lightest version, but each box comes with three lengths and shades of black that are all reusable.  A box is $29.99.
"After the 3 Second Brow, I was a little skeptical," Rachel said.  "But I've got to say, I like this."