Tropical Invest 91-L moves inland

Too little time to develop

Ana forms in Atlantic, no threat to land (KPRC)

HOUSTON – As Sub-Tropical Storm Ana formed in the Atlantic overnight. (it will not be a threat to land) Our first disturbance of the 2021 tropical season has moved inland near Corpus Christi with outer rain bands providing our increased rain chances for today.

Showers and thunderstorms moving through the region (KPRC)

The disturbance drew attention late Thursday when its potential for the organization first became apparent. It produced a distinct circulation, but it remained weak with little thunderstorm activity around its center and dry air in the upper levels sucked in to further inhibit growth.

The rain as a result of the low pressure will keep our umbrellas in use for the next several days.

Heaviest rain forecast to be inland the next two days. (KPRC)

Rain bands that will rotate into southeast Texas today and tomorrow could drop one to two inches of rain in southeast Texas with heavier amounts in the central part of the state. Isolated locations could get more -- up to about four inches. Areas that get the heaviest rain may experience flooding, given that the ground throughout the region is already saturated from previous heavy rain during the past week.

Saturday temps will be cooler than normal with moderate to high rain chances (KPRC)

Temperatures as a result and showers and clouds will stay cooler than normal with highs mostly in the 70s.

The next ten days will see cooler than normal temperatures for the most part until the middle of next week as high pressure builds in once again to dry things off as temperatures rise to the 90s.

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