Where ZETA is most likely to go

A sense of humor helps
A sense of humor helps

My friend and colleague, New Orleans Meteorologist David Bernard, posted the above cover pic on his Facebook page along with this salient statistic:

“The state has been in the cone for 3 weeks this year. Zeta is the 7th storm out of 27 total. So basically 25% of all Atlantic storms have involved Louisiana. #magnolianomore

And talk about running the gamut from A to Z -- storm 27 now ties 2020 with the record 2005 season for most named storms, and we still have more than a month left in the season. Louisiana to Alabama will have to brace for impacts beginning Tuesday with a landfall Wednesday. Below are the American model followed by the European model forecasts:

American Model courtesy Tropical Tidbits
European Model courtesy Weathermodels

The European has had a west bias all year and the NHC official forecast favors the American:

ZETA forecast from the National Hurricane Center

So what’s protecting us?

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