Weekend heat wave to bake Houston

HOUSTON – Break out the tank tops, water bottles and sunscreen. This weekend is going to be a hot one in the Houston area.

A large area of high pressure is settling into Southeast Texas, which will mean abundant sunshine, but also plenty of heat.

Temperatures on Saturday will climb into the upper 90s, while Sunday’s high temperatures will be near 100 degrees. The average high for this time of year is 91 degrees. 

There won’t be much of a breeze, either.

Stay safe

This will be the hottest weather so far this year in the Houston region, so it’s a good time to remember these tips to stay safe.

1. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of nonalcoholic, noncaffeinated beverages.
2. Wear lightweight and light-colored clothing.
3. Take frequent breaks in the shade or indoors.
4. Make sure pets have plenty of water and ample shade if they are outside.

Remember, it is never safe to leave children or pets in cars. On a 95-degree day, temperatures inside a car can reach 114 degrees in 10 minutes and 129 degrees in a half-hour.

Cooldown coming

The good news is that temperatures return to normal by Monday as a cold front passes through the area. This will increase the chances of rain, as well.

After the front, low humidity levels will provide crisp, mild mornings and pleasant, warm afternoons.