Frank's Weather or Not: Birdies and Bandits!


Houston, TX – Tee 'em up! My 9th Annual golf tournament this coming Wednesday raising money for Legacy Community Health still has room for teams and we'd be delighted to have you!

We start with breakfast at 7am, shotgun start at 8am, awards luncheon at noon-ish. We've raised half a million dollars over the last decade! Here are the details:


If you can't play, we'd welcome a sponsorship. Just click here and thank you!


Here's something you don't see every day on vacation: my friends are on a lovely, quiet cruise about to head into the Gulf of Aden which is just north of the Horn of Africa. Alas, they were given this letter of caution regarding Pirates:


Consider yourself warned, right? There is actually such a thing as a Pirate Forecast, based on winds and waves because pirates don't like such weather given their small boats. I found this real-time pirate forecast link here. And you thought it was all romance and Johnny Depp.


Hurricane Michael, which produced 16 deaths and $25 Billion dollars in damage to the U.S. last year got an upgrade to a Cat 5 storm from the National Hurricane Center: Scientists at NOAA’s National Hurricane Center conducted a detailed post-storm analysis on all the data available for Hurricane Michael and have determined that the storm’s estimated intensity at landfall was 140 knots (160 mph). This final wind intensity is a 5 knot (5 mph) increase over the operational estimate and makes Michael a category 5 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale at the time of landfall on October 10, 2018, near Mexico Beach and Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.

This makes Michael the first Cat 5 hurricane to strike the USA since Andrew in 1992. There have been many other storms to reach Cat 5 status but they buckled a bit before actually striking (Katrina, Rita, Wilma for instance). You can read the full NOAA report here.   


The holiday weekend is here and what a picture of a perfect young Texan I was sent the other day. This is Gunner and the pic comes from his great-grandmother!


Sitting in the Bluebonnets eating Blue Bell with his Whataburger shirt and Cowboy hat....doesn't get any better than that! Have a wonderful Passover and Easter weekend! And if you don't celebrate either of those, have a wonderful weekend!



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