Houston native Ginny Fuchs on loss: ‘Still honored I got to represent my country’

Virginia "Ginny" Fuchs (Steven David, Steven David)

Going for the gold, Houston’s Virginia “Ginny” Fuchs didn’t get the outcome she had trained and hoped for.

On Thursday, in her Olympics round-of-16 matchup in the women’s flyweight division, Fuchs fell short against Bulgaria’s Stoyka Krasteva.

Fuchs took to her Instagram to share a message regarding the loss.

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“I didn’t get the judges decision last night and don’t understand why. It is what it is. Still honored I got to represent my country,” Fuchs wrote. “Gold was the only way I saw this, so it’s so hard for me to explain how I feel.”

Fuchs went on to express her gratitude to those who supported her, offering a shout-out to her family, team, city and the nation.

Read Fuchs’ full message below:

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