MLB Network Host, Houston native Robert Flores weighs in on 2020 MLB season

He also said there are two players to keep an eye on in Houston

HOUSTON – It’s probably not a surprise that MLB Network Host Robert Flores is excited for baseball to return.

“RoFlo” sat down with KPRC 2’s Vanessa Richardson while he was home visiting family. Flores said baseball’s return could lift the country’s spirits during such a strange time.

“I think it’s welcomed,” said Flores, a Dobie High School and University of Houston graduate. “To everyone’s credit; the players, the owners, the league, they’ve done everything they can to put this together, because this is going to be something we’ve never seen and it’s an undertaking I don’t think we can quite fathom.”

On the revamped opponent schedule emphasizing regions and divisions

I kind of always felt like the Astros and the Rangers bring in the American League West was a little bit weird, even under normal circumstances,” said Flores. “But, listen, it’s 60 games,” said Flores, emphasizing the importance of a quick start. “It is going to be a sprint. If you have a 3 and 7 stretch or you lose 8 of 12, that could knock you out.”

After a turbulent off-season... did the delay help the Astros?

Yeah, it kind of did,” said Flores. “It doesn’t appear that there are going to be fans at the stadium. They were going to experience a criticism and a vitriol like no other team has faced... now, that’s not going to be in the cards.”

Although the sign-stealing scandal is still relevant to a lot of people, when examining the state of the world during COVID-19, the Houston native says it loses some of its importance.