Have any ski goggles you’d like to donate? This store will help provide them to health care workers fighting COVID-19

Store now celebrating 40 years in business

A snowboarder (Xue Guangjian/Pexels stock image)

Businesses both big and small have been figuring out how they can help their communities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic -- in a whole slew of creative ways.

Ski goggles, for example: Did you realize how much these can protect health care workers?

Since April, Sun & Ski Sports store locations have been collecting new or used goggles, providing health care workers in clinics and hospitals across the country with eye protection.

Currently, each store is a donation drop-off site partner with Goggles for Docs to help these workers stay protected, considering official PPE is scarce.

That’s not all. As an extra special thank-you, Sun & Ski Sports has also extended its year-round Sun & Ski Sports Salutes discount to health care professionals.

Since 2017, their program has offered a 10% discount in-store and online to individuals protecting our communities — first responders, police officers, firefighters, active, reserve, and retired military, and now, health care professionals.

“The future of going on an adventure might look different, but we have a unique opportunity to help others stay healthy and adventurous, as well as engage and support the communities we serve,” Sun & Ski Sports President Karl Salz said.

The company is proudly celebrating four decades of adventure, and celebrated its 40th anniversary July 14.

The specialty outdoor retailer has been helping its customers let adventure into their lives since 1980 through an elevated shopping experience and a passion for performance, Salz said.

In celebration of this 40-year milestone, Sun & Ski Sports will host its anniversary sale online and at their 30 store locations in 14 states through July 20. The company carries more than 350 brands well-trusted in the outdoor industry, including The North Face, Patagonia, Burton, Spyder, Cannondale, Haro, GoPro, Yeti, Salomon and Chaco.

Sun & Ski Sports has an acclaimed history of charitable support. Engaging and supporting communities it serves is a key cornerstone of the business, the company said. Each year, Sun & Ski Sports stores gives more than $100,000 by sponsoring local events, donating items for school fundraisers, and partnering with organizations in need, such as Star of Hope Mission for the past 10 years and the National MS Society’s South Central Chapter for more than 20 years.

For over a decade, the annual Share Your Warmth clothing drive has also provided essential items to those in need.

“Sun & Ski Sports was founded on strengthening community ties and helping others enhance their lives through adventure,” Salz said.

If you want to learn more or shop around, just know that safety is a commitment the company takes seriously.

Considering the pandemic, Sun & Ski Sports has added coronavirus response as a key safety priority.

Stores will collectively strive to create a safe environment, with additional enhanced cleaning policies and mask requirements for employees and customers. Sun & Ski Sports has expanded their shopping options to include curbside pickup, direct shipping to home and in-store visits at all stores. This collaborative approach has allowed more families to find comfort in the outdoors by providing the opportunity for adventure to be delivered directly to their home, Salz said.