Florida police release reconstructed image of murder victim after human remains found in 3 suitcases

Reconstructed image of murder victim (Delray Beach Police Department)

DELRAY BEACH, Florida – Police in Florida are asking the public for help after they said human remains were found in three suitcases along a body of water.

On Friday, July 21, the Delray Beach Police Department responded to the Intracoastal Waterway after a person called 911 to report seeing something strange in the water. Police found a suitcase in the water with human remains inside. Shortly afterward, two more suitcases were found along the Intracoastal nearby. Those suitcases also contained human remains.

Police said the victim appeared to be a white or Hispanic middle-aged woman. They said she had brown hair and was approximately 5′4″ tall. She may have had tattooed eyebrows and was wearing a floral tank top with a black undershirt and black mid-thigh shorts.

Police released images of the shirt the woman was wearing along with a reconstructed image of what they believed she looked like. They also released images of two of the pieces of luggage the remains were found in.

“The brand for the floral top she was wearing is “Betzabe,” which from what we can tell is a Brazilian company,” the police department said on Facebook.

Authorities also described two of the pieces of luggage the human remains were found in.

“The first is a purple Palm Springs Ricardo Beverly Hills bag. The second is a green and black polka dot Charlie Sport bag,” the police department said.

Delray Beach police believe the homicide occurred between July 17 and July 20. They ask if anyone has any information or recognizes the images to give them a call.

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