Man claiming to be with CenterPoint Energy caught on camera trying to open doors in NW Harris County

HOUSTON – Residents in a northwest Harris County community are on edge after they said a man claiming to be with CenterPoint Energy was caught on camera trying to open several front doors over the weekend.

Robert Neundorf said the man came by his home in the Creekside Place subdivision on Saturday around noon.

“You have to watch the video a few times to really see it because he put his back against it, but you can hear him jostling the door and then he knocks and then he steps back and then he’s acting awkwardly because he’s fumbling with something in his hand,” Neundorf said.

The man can also be seen taking photos before announcing that he is with CenterPoint.

Ashley Chatman said the man visited at least six homes, including hers.

“My thought was what if the door was open, then what? What would I do?” Said Chatman.

The incident comes after residents told KPRC 2 another man claiming to be with CenterPoint was in the neighborhood one day earlier.

The biggest difference, according to homeowners, is the second man’s work attire.

“He was in a camo hoodie and sunglasses. I’m sorry, it’s 100 degrees outside. Who’s walking up with a camo hoodie on?” Chatman said.

Residents have since filed a police report.

KPRC 2 sent the video to CenterPoint, but they did not address the community’s claims that the man tried to open several doors.

In a statement, they said:

“CenterPoint Energy received a request from the Creekside HOA to mark our natural gas lines in the area for one of the HOA’s projects that will involve digging. CenterPoint Energy engaged a contractor company to conduct this work. As the contractors visit the homes, they leave a door hanger with information if there is no answer.

As always, safety is our top priority. Customers can call CenterPoint Energy to inquire about projects in their area and ensure the project is legitimate.”


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