Homeowners in northwest Harris County neighborhood demanding answers from CenterPoint after continued power outages

Here's what we know

HOUSTON – Homeowners in the Stone Gate Community want to know what is going on with the power lines in their neighborhood.

They say when they ask CenterPoint Energy questions they’re not getting many answers, and Linda Granger says she’s out of thousands of dollars.

“This is the booster pump that got fried,” she showed KPRC2.

But, that’s not all.

“(My) AT&T modem was fried. It’s just too much,” she said.

Granger said for a few months she and her neighbors have dealt with reoccurring power outages.

“They don’t last long, but they are damaging property,” she said.

Granger said it typically happens in the evenings but the days vary.

“Everything goes off and comes right back on again,” she said. “Sometimes after one of these surges, the lightbulbs don’t turn back on.”

She said when she reached out to CenterPoint they told her the surges aren’t strong enough to cause damage. They also said they were not responsible for damage to her property and sent her information on Tariffs.

KPRC2 reached out to CenterPoint and they said buzzards are causing the brief outages. They also apologized for the inconvenience and said work is being done to help mitigate future outages.

But Granger isn’t buying it.

“It’s just really odd to me that these buzzards have a schedule because they seem to do it between 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., so they must all line up and say ‘let’s go fry the lines,’” she said.

CenterPoint sent us the following link where homeowners can file a claim for damaged property.

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