Houstonians sending more aid, medical supplies to help Ukraine

Here's what we know

HOUSTON – As Russia continues its attack on Ukraine, more Houstonians are stepping up to help.

Brad Greer, the CEO of DrySee, said he knows about first aid and wants to help the people in Ukraine in any way possible.

“DrySee is the world’s only liquid indicating waterproof bandage,” he explained.

On Thursday, Greer said boxes of bandages will begin making their way to Ukraine.

“We have donated 10,000 DrySee bandages, which will go to displaced people in Ukraine,” Greer said.

The Houston-based company decided to donate the bandages after learning of Texans flying to the border to hand-deliver critical supplies.

“People are struggling to live in Ukraine every day,” he said.

Alina Goodman and her family are some of those people who are also trying to help.

“Right now, we focus more on the territorial defense and helping the army,” she said.

Alina and her Houston-native husband, Drew, are living in Poland. They say the impacts of this war are mounting.

“Every day, our apartment has tears in it,” Drew said.

The family is collecting supplies to donate using an Amazon wishlist

“The cat7 tourniquets are very much needed, boots are needed, vests, backpacks, knee pads, and tactical gloves,” Drew said.

Matthew Marchetti said he and his non-profit CrowdSource Rescue are also expanding their efforts.

“We made a decision essentially to send over a couple trained search and rescue teams to work alongside some of the Ukrainian NGOs and Ukrainian first responders to help assist them with evacuating people and treating medical conditions,” he said.

He and his team are heading back to Ukraine on Thursday, armed with dozens of bags filled with medical supplies.

“It feels like (it’s my) duty,” Marchetti said.

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