‘They don’t stop coming in’: Fort Bend County animal shelter seeks fosters, help with large number of dogs

Here's what we know

Rosenberg, Texas – Fort Bend County Animal Services has so many dogs, some are in crates in hallways.

“We feel comfortable here probably around 150 but adding another 50 to 60 more dogs is way, way too many,” said Rene Vasquez. director of Fort Bend County Animal Services.

The shelter, located in Rosenberg had almost 200 dogs as of Friday, according to Vasquez.

“We have to continue picking them up, helping the animals as strays and then bringing them to the shelter and then, you know, comes the next process is trying to get them out into homes,” Vasquez said.

Why so many now? Vasquez said several factors could be playing a role. For one, consider adoptions.

“Our adoptions are down and the animals don’t stop coming in,” he said.

Animal services said rising consumer prices, including gas and goods, could also play a role as people have to make decisions about spending.

“Times are rough right now and maybe to some people coming in and adopting or fostering a pet is not on their main focus,” Vasquez said.

Roughly two years after the start of the pandemic, some workers have returned to the office making less time for pets.

“The biggest message is if you can help, even if it’s for temporary fostering, that would be great for us,” Vasquez said.

They are also looking for people to adopt the animals and volunteer.

For more information on how to foster, volunteer, and/or adopt, you can visit Fort Bend County Animal Services at 1210 Blume Road in Rosenberg or click here.