3 perfect Etsy gifts for Astros fans

Ornament from ShuttlesandSuch, an Etsy store. (Etsy/ShuttlesandSuch, Etsy/ShuttlesandSuch)

HOUSTON – It’s hard to find the perfect Christmas gift these days. Everyone already has everything they want. That is especially the case for the special Astros fans in my life.

But this year, I have found a way around that: Etsy.

Sharing is caring, so I am sharing my top 3 Etsy finds with you.

Etsy Astros Gift Idea No. 1 - Coasters

Coasters from Playbook Products. (Etsy/Playbook Products)

These aren’t your average Astros coasters. These are coasters that have the greatest plays in the team’s history laser-etched in stone.

One of the plays featured in this coaster set is from Game 5 of the 2017 World Series. Spoiler alert: It’s Alex Bregman’s walk-off single.

Shoutout to Reagan Bregman: maybe a gift idea for Houston’s favorite 3rd baseman? You’re welcome :)

The Etsy store PlaybookProducts also has coasters for other teams, if you’re into that sort of thing.

As I was searching for a gift for my Astros-loving fiancé, this was a no brainer.

Babe, I hope you’re not reading this. I would really like this to be a surprise for your man cave.

Etsy Astros Gift Idea No. 2 - Bracelet

Bracelet from Queensblingsandthing. (Etsy/Queensblingsandthing)

Okay, you’ve seen the picture. Don’t send me hate mail. Let me explain.

My niece loves the Astros and the Braves. Yes, she was very conflicted during this past World Series.

Anyway, the Etsy store Queensblingsandthing was kind enough to make this HOU-ATL combo. She is going to love the surprise! (I hope she’s not reading this.)

I actually spoke to one of the people who runs this store, Chip Wiebeck, a very nice man in Kansas City. He works with his wife and sister-in-law to fill the orders.

They even do custom bracelets and keychains for high school and little league teams! (I may have ordered a few of those for my family as well)

Etsy Astros Gift Idea No. 3 - Sweater ornament

Ornament from ShuttlesandSuch, an Etsy store. (Etsy/ShuttlesandSuch)

I challenge you to find anything cuter than this tiny Astros sweater ornament.

When I saw it, I placed an order immediately. Then I asked the seller if I could interview her for this article.

Diane Kelley is a saint. She knits every one of these by hand. And get this: her husband makes tiny hangers for them!

Since each ornament is handmade and orders are coming in daily, you may not get this in time to put on your Christmas tree this year. But gift cards are available! (Diane says the gift card will include a photo of the adorable sweater)

I encourage you to check out the store ShuttlesandSuch for all her knitted creations.

And in case you’re wondering who I’m giving this ornament to? Well, myself, duh.