Houston man uses social media to change the lives of the homeless, visually impaired

Meet the man on a mission to use social media for the greater good!

HOUSTON, Texas – If you’re seeking a glimpse of positivity, look no further than the story of Frank Richardson who is using his influence to bring help and joy to those who are not as fortunate.

The Houston native has turned to social media to make a difference.

Richardson is using TikTok and other platforms to introduce the world to several of his friends, and the world has responded.

Take Perry, Adair, Angelo, and Becky for instance.

They are four visually-impaired friends Richardson has been volunteering with for more than 20-years.

On TikTok, Richardson started chronicling his trips with the group to places like the grocery stores or the movies and some of his followers stated they wanted to help.

They started sending money to pitch in for the trips, so Richardson set up GoFundMe accounts for each one.

“Now I get to take them out to eat once a week to places they’ve never been before,” Richardson said. “I get to buy them clothes. We bought T.V.’s, we’ve bought DVD players. All because people are so generous, and they like the positive story.”

And then there’s Robert -- a homeless man Richardson befriended one day on his way to work.

Richardson’s 920,000 followers have helped buy a bike for Robert to ride to work. They’re now are in the process of paying for a deposit on a new apartment to get him off the streets.

Richardson says he has yet to see any of his helpful followers in person.

“Think about that,” Richardson said. “We’re never gonna meet, we’re complete strangers, and we’ve built this relationship. Right now, I have virtual friends that, we have conversations on the phone or direct messages, or whatever. And they want to help.”

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