‘It’s about more than baseball’: Braves fan meets Astros fans he surprised with World Series tickets

What a great reunion. Click play to watch the heartfelt reunion between two opposing fans

Houston, TEXAS – It was a heartfelt reunion. Fans from opposing teams were brought together by one true act of kindness.

Atlanta Braves fan Miles Neal said he’s so excited Houston Astros fans, David Bramlet and his daughter Addison, will get to experience Game 6 of the World Series.

“What’s up man, how you doing brother?” said Miles Neal.

“Good to meet you, man. Nice to meet you,” said David Bramlet.

What usually might be a pretty tense rivalry between opposing fans was instead a heartfelt encounter.

“Yeah, I feel excited,” said 11-year-old Addison Bramlet.

After seeing a post on social media to trade Astros memorabilia for Game 6 tickets, lifelong Atlanta Braves fan Miles Neal bought those tickets for Houston Astros fan David Bramlet.

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“I wasn’t expecting it. We are super excited about it,” said David Bramlet.

Neal said he did it so Bramlet could keep a promise to his daughter Addison, that he would one day take her to a World Series game.

“The desire to keep that promise to take your kid to the game, I saw that coming out and I wanted to be able to help him out without him having to sell any of that cool memorabilia that he has.”

Bramlet is grateful for the generosity and hopes others will see this and pay it forward too.

“He’s definitely showing the right way, showing hospitality of paying it forward. It’s pretty amazing,” said Bramlet.

Oh yeah, and a little friendly rivalry never hurt.

“Are you excited? Do you think the Astros are going to win?” asks Neal.

“Yes,” says Addison Bramlet.