Community helps 77-year-old woman battling cancer with new A/C unit, home repairs

Several community members are joining together to help the woman repair her home
Several community members are joining together to help the woman repair her home

HOUSTON – Dora Galvan, 77, and her caretaker Nova Garcia quickly developed a special bond.

Garcia first met Galvan two months ago when she was sent to care at her home in Fifth Ward.

Galvan is currently bedridden and battling colon cancer.

“She only gets paid for five days but she comes on weekends and visits me and stays with me and makes me laugh,” said Galvan.

Garcia quickly noticed that Galvan had very little family and was battling depression after two of her daughters passed away.

“I’m the main new adopted granddaughter,” said Garcia.

Galvan’s home was also in need of repairs and improvements.

Out of the kindness of her heart, Garcia purchased supplies and two A/C window units to try and keep Galvan comfortable.

She also posted about Galvan’s situation on social media to see if anyone would help.

Former city councilmen Dwight Boykins answered the call for help and enlisted Victor Washington of Washington and Son’s A/C and Jay De Leon of The Lion D’ Oro Interiors to join him.

“We want to get a new hot water heater, we want to get some equipment for the bathroom, and we want an oversized wheelchair so she can get around,” said Boykins.

De Leon told KPRC they have all agreed to fix her home’s foundation, replace some electrical outlets and work on the home’s sheetrock.

“It could be my mom or somebody else’s mother, so that touched my heart.” Said De Leon.

Washington will stabilize the A/C units and make sure everything is in working order.

They expect to begin work on Monday.

De Leon estimates the cost to be around $18,000. Anyone who would like to help or donate supplies can do so by calling Garcia at (281)-697-1813.

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