These are the dogs that were rescued from freezing temperatures across the Houston area

See the animals the Houston Humane Society saved from the severe cold

Puppy being treated by Houston Humane Society staff member after being found outside during winter storm. (Houston Humane Society)

The Houston Humane Society rescued eight dogs -- including one puppy -- from outdoor conditions during this week’s winter storm.

According to the Houston Humane Society, the rescued animals were found with patches of snow and ice on their fur.

“These animals have been outside throughout the storm, it’s evident they lived their lives out in all weather conditions,” a spokesperson for the society told KPRC 2.

According to the Humane Society, the owner of the animals has been arrested and faces charges of animal cruelty.

The animals are currently in the custody of the state; however, a court hearing next week could result in the Houston Humane Society being granted custody which would allow for the pets to placed for adoption.

As the city continues to experience cold temperatures, the Houston Humane Society advises pet owners to keep their animals indoors and dress them in sweaters or jackets to keep them warm.

Additionally, the society‘s veterinarian suggests lining the pet’s crate with a blanket or towel and draping a tarp or towel over the crate to create insulation.

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