HISD’s food giveaway helps thousands of families in southeast Houston

HOUSTON – As millions of people wait for their stimulus payments, some are in need of food that doesn’t cost.

On Wednesday, numerous cars wrapping around the block lined up at Barnett Stadium in southeast Houston for a food giveaway. Houston Independent School District gave thousands of families a week’s worth of food.

“It’s been kind of hard since the pandemic hit just trying to keep the fridge stocked,” said Corey Brooks, who came out to get food for his family.

“The milk and the meals will help a little bit for my family,” said another woman.

Many told KPRC 2 that they will try to stretch this food for the next several weeks. Many are still not working or getting enough income since the pandemic began.

“There’s a need for food, for rent, for everything right now,” said Kathy.

Some said they are looking forward to the next stimulus package hoping the $600 will help get them through the first few months of 2021.

Others said, it just won’t be enough.

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