Houston Newsmakers: Religion, Spirituality and feeding the hungry

“Religion cannot get you the God experience.” So says Ravi Kathuria in his book Happy Soul, Hungry Mind. “Only spirituality can. Religion can help you move toward spirituality.” Kathuria is a guest on this week’s Houston Newsmakers and says people need to understand the difference between the two in order to find the special love and contentment that comes with the combination of faith, religion and spirituality. Kathuria says understanding the relationship among them can also help alleviate the stress that many Americans are dealing with right now. “All of our stress and our fear comes from our mind,” he said. “When the mind is afraid, then it takes over. We have to understand we are NOT our mind. We are the owners of our mind”

Fort Bend uses Cares Act money to feed residents

What to do with the millions of dollars in Cares Act money received by Fort Bend County? A public private partnership is now in place to help struggling restaurants while also feeding those who are suffering as a result of the pandemic. “On the on hand you have individuals suffering from food insecurity and on the other hand you have restaurants having to close their doors and lay people off, said Jerome Love, the President and Founder of the Texas Black Expo, “So we thought what if we bring the two together and use some of these funds to give to restaurants that could then feed the community so it really is just a natural fit.” Grady Prestage is Fort Bend County Commissioner, Precinct 2. “Government can only do so much. The marketplace really controls a lot of things. While we’re trying to improve the marketplace by helping them survive and be around when we come out of the other end of this pandemic, we need the private sector to be a partner with us to get services delivered.”

Healthy Houston Initiative

It’s called the Healthy Houston Initiative, a partnership between the city of Houston and Prairie View A & M University. Find out the amazing contributions made by the Prairie View A & M College of Agriculture and Health Sciences toward ending food insecurity in our region.

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Ravi Kathuria

· Website: https://www.houstonstrategyforum.com/

· Website: https://happysoulhungrymind.com/HWP/about-ravi/

· Twitter: @HappySoulHungry

Grady Prestage, Fort Bend County Commissioner, Precint 2

· Website: https://bit.ly/3pZX0VD

· Website: https://wealleattexas.com/

· Twitter: @GradyPrestage

Jerome Love, President, Founder, Texas Black Expo

· Website: https://texasblackexpo.com/leadership/

· Website: https://wealleattexas.com/

· Twitter: @TexasBlackExpo

Gerard D’Souza, Ph.D. Prairie View A & M College of Agriculture

· Website: https://www.pvamu.edu/cahs/carc/plant-systems/gdsouza/

· Twitter: @PVAMU

Carolyn J. Williams, Ph.D., Executive Assoc. Director, Cooperative Extension Program

· Website: https://bit.ly/3l9bsXv

· Twitter: @PVAMU

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