Spring ISD helps students struggling with attendance and engagement

HOUSTON – Spring ISD is making sure students who are struggling with attendance and engagement are not left behind this semester.

On Saturday, administrators and teachers went door-to-door encouraging students to make a commitment to fully participate in remote learning or return to in-person school.

Spring ISD says they just want to make sure students have everything they needed in order to succeed. Many students say the initiative was much needed because they were able to ask questions and talk to school leaders.

The primary focus will be high school students, who either have a high number of absences or are at a high risk of failure for this semester.

Chandler Williams is a junior at Dekaney High School and says online learning has been challenging for him.

“I don’t know. Learning online is kind of hard online to be honest. I don’t really get the full concept with my teacher,” he said.

Dekaney High School Principal Alonzo Reynolds III says some students have missed 12 to 40 days of school.

“We are concerned about their attendance. They are logging in sometimes so it’s kind of sporadic,” Reynolds said.