Retired HPD officer files complaint against Harris County Sheriff’s Office over raid at wrong house

A retired Houston police officer has filed a formal complaint against the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Louis Rodriguez said deputies had the wrong house and busted down his front door while serving an arrest warrant earlier this month.

Rodriguez and his family were home at the time of the incident on Sept. 1 and filmed it on their cell phone. In the video taken, Rodriguez’s stepson warns deputies they had the wrong house.

“The officers are looking for a Curtis Rogers, and there’s no Curtis Rogers that lives in this house,” said Rodriguez’s stepson.

The officers eventually broke the door down and charged in.

“It was intimidating and threatening. It made me nervous. I was concerned. I wasn’t sure they were police officers,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, who was with Houston police for over 25 years, said he tried to inform the deputies of his law enforcement past.

“They demeaned me and degraded me in front of my family whether I had been a police officer and I probably hadn’t thing of importance in my career,” he said.

Rodriguez said he was issued an apology shortly after the incident. However, he told KPRC 2 he would of liked to talk to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

KPRC 2 asked the Harris County Sheriffs Office about the incident. They released the following statement:

Deputies attempting to execute an arrest warrant on Sept. 1 mistakenly approached the wrong home in the 21100 block of Royal Villa Drive and damaged the front door. Deputies subsequently realized they made a mistake and the Sheriff’s Office arranged to have the door replaced. The Sheriff’s Office regrets the mistake and the incident is under review.

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