About 750 Seattle students without updated vaccination records could be excluded from school

SEATTLE – About 750 Seattle Public Schools students still haven't provided vaccination records or exemptions and may be excluded from school starting Wednesday, the school district said late Tuesday.

Last month, the district announced January 8 as the deadline for students to provide verified records or be pulled out of class and have their parents and guardians contacted, a spokesman previously told CNN.

This week, officials urged students without confirmed vaccination records to stay home Wednesday.

"If students without updated immunization records arrive at school, they will be placed in a designated room or space and the child's family will be contacted to come pick them up," a news release from the school district said. "Once immunization compliance is achieved, students may return to school."

This is all following a Washington state law that went into effect over the summer, which says families can't use personal and philosophical reasons to avoid having their children vaccinated with the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, the state's department of health said.

The law requires that students are fully vaccinated, be in the process of completing immunizations or have a signed Certificate of Exemption -- religious or medical -- in order to attend school.

School sponsored clinics

Last month, 2,200 students still needed to update their records -- a number that had dropped to about 980 Tuesday afternoon.

The district -- serving more than 50,000 students across 104 schools -- sponsored three free immunization clinics after sending a letter to parents warning that students wouldn't be able to return without complete vaccination records.

At least 135 students were immunized at those clinics, school system spokesman Tim Robinson had said.

There are also 28 school-based health centers that can still help families of students who need vaccinations, the school system said.

Pon Voatsay told CNN affiliate KOMO his family had just moved from Florida and got a notice from the district a couple weeks ago.

"Disease can be spread among kids -- especially a bunch of kids together in the same place," he said. "I'm concerned about my kids' well-being, so whatever is needed I will get it."

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