Bregman gonna Breg: 5 Antics that made us love Alex Bregman even more

Bregman's breakout season

By Erica Young - News Producer
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Alex Bregman does the limbo with the help of Tony Kemp after hitting a home run in the seventh inning against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Minute Maid Park on September 2, 2018 in Houston, Texas.

HOUSTON - Alex Bregman definitely made his mark on the Astros long before this season (remember Game 5 of the World Series?!?) but 2018 has really a been a breakout year for the beloved third baseman.

His performance on the field has put him firmly in the AL MVP conversation. And his fun shenanigans off the field have him skyrocketing to the top of many a fan's favorite player list.

Here are 5 antics that made us fall even more in love with him:

Dugout stare - I don't know about you, but this is the exact moment Alex Bregman became my favorite current Astros player. The fact that he orchestrated this 'stare move' and got his teammates on board to take part made me realize just how fun this team is to follow.





Harden eye roll - This was an instant classic. After a 9-1 win over the Minnesota Twins on Sept. 5, Bregman recreated the James Harden eye-roll during a post-game interview. His playful mood can probably be attributed to the big game he just had. Bregman hit two home runs and recorded five RBI that night.

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Twerking on a plane - Remember that time the Astros slayed the "In My Feelings" Challenge? Of course you do. The video of the guys dancing to Drake's hit song as they flew to the All-Star Game quickly went viral. The best part: Bregman showing off his twerking skills about 25 seconds into the video. BTW, that was just a few hours before he was named MVP of the All-Star game. You da real MVP, Breg. (You know I had to say it)

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The Matrix walkoff - So this technically isn't an "off the field" antic. It happened during a game. Seriously, only Alex Bregman could pull off a walkoff win in extra innings by hitting the ball just a few feet from the plate. And don't forget that Matrix-like move. This incredible "Breg" moment gave the Astros the 6-5 win over the Oakland A's on July 10.



Popping bottles - We know what Bregman did after the Astros clinched the division Tuesday night. Because he told us. A few times. Breg was hilarious in his post-game interviews after a win in Toronto, talking about "popping bottles." At one point he even quoted rapper "Birdman." How could you not love Alex Bregman?





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