Terrifying video shows Houston tire shop employees held at gunpoint, dragged around shop

HOUSTON – Terrifying surveillance video from a 24-hour tire shop near the Astrodome shows two employees being held at gunpoint and dragged around by robbers Wednesday night.  

Robert Moore, owner of Tire World at 1313 South Loop West, gave KPRC2 the footage after his employees were ambushed by two masked men armed with rifles at about 8 p.m. Wednesday. 

The men can be seen holding the two men at gunpoint and then dragging them to the back of the shop. 

Moore told KPRC 2 Reporter Sally Mamdooh once he watched video of the armed robbery, it felt odd to him. 

"They passed the ATM machine and the registry. They were only focused on an office door where apparently they thought something was there which nothing was there," said Moore.

When the masked men didn't find what they were looking for, they stole the employees' cell phones and fled.

"I want these guys brought to justice," Moore said. "It's the holiday, so I know people are looking to do this."

Moore said he's increasing security at his shop and his employees are carrying their guns at work. 

"This will not be the right place to target for whatever you want to do to get your fix on," said Moore.