Man honored by city, heralded as hero after saving neighbor from dog attack

CONROE, Texas – A Conroe man who saved a child during a dog attack last month received official recognition from the city on Monday.

Grant Brown was heralded as a hero.

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What happened

Brown, 19, ran across the street to help when he saw his 6-year-old neighbor being attacked by a pit bull on July 21. The dog was biting the child. Brown acted quickly and got the dog away from the child.

What Brown says

“I ran over there screaming and clapping to get the dog’s attention, and once I got the dog’s attention, it moved away from the boy and started chasing me,” Brown said.

Brown said while he was running away from the dog, his shoes fell off. When he tripped, the dog ended up on top of him and bit his hands before walking away.

Brown's distraction gave Mason Lindeman enough time to run to safety. The child suffered a cut to the back of his head but suffered no permanent damage.

Grant Brown Day

On Monday, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, City of Conroe and Conroe Police Department recognized Brown for his selflessness and heroism. The Conroe mayor issued a proclamation declaring Aug. 5 “Grant Brown Day.”

Brown was given a certificate of recognition from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and a flag, which was flown over the criminal justice building. The Conroe Police Department also recognized the 19-year-old for his valor with a mug, patch and coins.

Conroe police officer James Lindeman thanked Brown for saving his son’s life.

“I was on patrol, working on reports, and my wife called and said our son had been attacked by a dog and was bleeding pretty good,” Lindeman said.

Lindeman said there weren’t enough words to express his gratitude to his neighbor for running toward danger.

“The man ... he’s a blessing. He’s nothing short of a hero,” Lindeman said. “It takes a special kind of person to run into harm’s way and protect somebody without thought. It’s exactly what he did. And we are beyond blessed to have that man for a neighbor.”

What's next for Brown?

Brown will join the National Guard on Tuesday.