Family members identify woman found stabbed to death

HOUSTON – Deputies are investigating after a woman was stabbed to death by a man claiming to be her fiance, authorities said.

According to authorities, the call came in around 2:50 a.m. Friday, and shortly after, police found a woman’s body inside an SUV on Sayers Street near Emmet in northeast Houston.

Officers said the man called 911 and said he had stabbed his fiancé. The reason for the stabbing is unknown.

The woman's 18-year-old son, Demondric Pratt, identified the woman as Pamela Pratt, a mother of three. 

Demondric Pratt was home when authorities arrived to investigate the stabbing. He said he woke up because his dog started barking and when he went to investigate, he found a crime scene and a slew of deputies.

He went outside and spoke with detectives, who told him a woman had been stabbed to death inside a white SUV. Then they asked if he recognized the vehicle, and that's when he realized what was happening.

"I was like, 'Yeah my mom and stepdad (were) in that car,'" Demondric Pratt said. 

According to the son, the man was Pamela Pratt's boyfriend and he and Pamela Pratt lived together. Her son told KPRC2 reporter Vincent Crivelli that he calls the man his stepfather.

Demondric Pratt said he moved in with Pamela Pratt and her boyfriend about eight months ago. 

He said Pamela Pratt had known her boyfriend for about a year and they were planning to become engaged in August.

According to Demondric Pratt, the couple fought, but things never got violent. He said there were no warning signs that led up to the stabbing and he is shocked at the incident.

"Just emotions going everywhere right now," said Demondric Pratt, describing how he felt. "She was pretty much a good woman, she didn't mess with nobody."

The man was taken into custody and is being questioned, police said.

Investigators are working to learn more details about the stabbing.

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