Here's what Quanell X said about his role in the Maleah Davis case

HOUSTON – When Quanell X met with Derion Vence at the Harris County Jail and learned the location of Maleah Davis' body, it was 24 hours after a change in the case.

The day before that visit, Vence's first attorney withdrew from the case and a new attorney had to be appointed.

Sources told KPRC2 the new defense team wants to know if Quanell was working with detectives before he met with Vence. Defense attorneys are now subpoenaing records from Quanell X’s cellphone carrier, asking for “incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as text message records” from May 20 to June 3.

Here's what Quanell had to say about the developments:

KPRC2 investigative reporter Robert Arnold: "Did you speak with investigators prior to meeting with Derion Vence at the jail?"

Quanell: “I never spoke to them until he confessed. I never spoke with investigators about if I was going to talk to him, or visit him, none of that.”

Arnold: Why did you decide to meet Vence that day?

Quanell: “My daughter texted me to tell me she had a dream that I had found Maleah in a field and the stepfather was there. When she told me that, I got dressed and took it as a sign to go talk to Derion.”

Arnold: "You stated Derion told you what happened to Maleah was an accident."

Quanell: “That's a kinder, gentler way of admitting that you did something to this child. I believe that what he did was deliberate."

Arnold: "You stated Derion felt he was being portrayed unfairly. How does he feel he should be portrayed?"

Quanell: “He felt he was both parents to the children, mother and father.”

Arnold: “He felt he was a fit parent?”

Quanell: “Who in the hell is he to qualify somebody as fit? I agree with you.”

Arnold: "Are you concerned his confession may be suppressed?"

Quanell: “No, not really. I say to the lawyer, 'Get ready because I'll be well prepared to defend what he said to me.'”

Vence's defense attorney had no comment but did ask the judge to prevent Quanell from visiting his client again. Court records show that motion was denied.

Houston police also declined to comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

As far as the reward money goes, Crime Stoppers officials told KPRC they do not pay activists and Quanell said he has no interest in collecting the money that was offered for Maleah's recovery. In fact, Houston Police Department officials said no decision has been made yet as to who may get that portion of the reward.