Family's truck stolen about 1 month after moving to Houston area from Kansas City

HOUSTON – An Army veteran needs help finding his truck after someone stole it from his job.

Andrew Watkins' construction job brought him and his family of seven from Kansas City, Missouri, to the Houston area.

He closed on his house in Seabrook on April 27, and then on May 6, he received a not-so-warm welcome.

“I parked my truck here at 7 a.m., go to work, came out at noon to go to lunch, and it was gone,” Watkins said.

His 2004 F-250, which had a 20-foot equipment trailer and yellow skid runner on it, disappeared.

Watkins works for a construction company near Highway 3 and Dixie Farm Road. Surveillance video shows someone driving off with his truck, trailer and equipment, which is worth about $35,000.

He believes someone in a black vehicle dropped off the person who took his car. Watkins said he still has the keys and the truck was locked.

“It’s not like I can replace it. I have to save and hopefully be able to replace it soon, but it’s not in the foreseeable future to go purchase a vehicle right now,” Watkins said.

The truck not only helped provide for his family of seven, but his 17-year-old daughter also relies on it to get around.

"She has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, so she has no use of her legs, so she’s dependent on her wheelchair,” Watkins said.

“Without the truck, I can’t really take this much places because it’s heavy,” said Jauslyn Blakely, who is a junior in high school. “It’s just sad, it’s sad that people up and take your stuff.”

Jauslyn said she’s had to use her manual wheelchair, which is difficult because of a rotator cuff injury in her shoulder.

"What you stole took me 20 years to acquire, I worked a long time for me to acquire those things for you to take it and just 11:40 in the morning broad daylight with no concern,” Watkins said. “What you steal from people affects their lives, really. It’s so much easier to get a job and work and provide for yourself and build your own life instead of destroying other people's.”

He said he only had liability insurance.

Watkins said the loss of their truck is weighing on him but he is trying his best to be strong for his family.

Watkins said the white truck had Missouri handicap plates.