Mayor Turner steps in to help elderly woman's water bill

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HOUSTON – Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is now personally involved in the case of elderly cancer patient who's been battling with the city over a big water bill. 

Patsy Henry, 74, has been fighting with the city for years over a ballooning water bill that now sits at $5,482.08. 

"Something is afoul there," Turner told Channel 2 News. 

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The mayor asked Houston Public Works’ Customer Account Services to place the account on hold while a team investigates the cause of the high water usage and monthly bills.

"She doesn't have to pay anything right now. I don't want her to be paying and then having to choose between medication and other things," Turner said. 

Customer account services contacted Henry Thursday morning and informed her the account is under administrative review. The Henry family will not see an interruption of water service while the account is under review.  

The actions giving Henry the first bit of hope she's had in a long time, but she remains skeptical until she sees results. 

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