What's burning at the chemical plant in Deer Park?

DEER PARK, Texas – A massive fire erupted at a Deer Park chemical plant Sunday, sending a thick plume of black smoke towering into the air.

The fire originally engulfed two tanks at the Intercontinental Terminals Company location near Tidal Road and Independence Parkway. On Tuesday, officials said that a temporary loss of water pressure allowed the fire to spread to a total of eight tanks.

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions people have asked.

What is burning?

According to ITC, the tanks that are on fire contain toluene, naphtha, xylene and pyrolysis gasoline.

Toluene is used in the production of nail polish remover, glues and paint.

Naphtha and xylene are components of gasoline that are also used in the production of base oil used for machine lubricant.

Pyrolysis gasoline, known in the industry as "Pygas,"  is a byproduct of a chemical process involving naphtha.

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