These are the wild boar recipes you never knew you needed

Wild boar tacos (photo: Texas Parks & Wildlife)
Wild boar tacos (photo: Texas Parks & Wildlife) (Texas Parks & Wildlife)

HOUSTON – As soon as we started working on our feral hog/Wild Russian Boar story, people started asking us questions.

"If you hunt them, can you eat them?" was one of the most popular questions we received.

When we asked hunters, it was quickly clear they fell into two camps.  

Wild Russian Boars: Myths and realities

On the one side were the 'No way!' folks. It's gamey, tough and nothing you do to it could make it palatable.  

But on the other side were the 'Wow it's great!' crowd, especially the suckling piglets, they said.

In Texas there are a handful of processing plants that prepare and send the meat to foreign markets where it's considered a delicacy.

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If you do want to give it a try, here are couple of recipes from Texas Parks and Wildlife for feral hog tacos and Wild Boar Schnitzel. Mmmm... tasty.

Feral Hog Tacos, from the Texas Parks & Wildlife

Wild Boar Schnitzel, from Texas Parks & Wildlife

A quick Google search found several more recipes:

Hellraisin' Wild Boar-Wrapped Wild Boar

Braised Wild Boar Shanks with Sweet Soy and Star Anise

Roasted Leg of Wild Boar

Wild Boar Ragu

We'd also like to know what your favorite feral hog/Wild Russian Boar recipes. Drop them in the comments below.