What we know about at-fault driver in deadly Grand Parkway crash

HOUSTON – The man who investigators said was at-fault in a crash that killed two people Wednesday on the Grand Parkway has not been charged and was wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet when he crashed.

The at-fault driver has been identified as Charles Glaze. He has not been charged with a crime in the case.

Glaze, 54, told investigators he didn't remember what happened and that he has a history of seizures.

The Harris County District Sheriff's Office and the Harris County District Attorney's Office are digging into Glaze's medical history.

"We'll wait for the investigation to unfold some more before we make a charging decision. We facilitate any search warrants," Sean Teare, with the Harris County DA's Office, said.

Investigators will also do searches for the drivers' medical and criminal records, as well as phones and each cars' data recorders, or black boxes.

"We pull information from those which tells us speed; a lot of other information about what the car was doing before the crash," Teare said.

Glaze, who investigators said had left the probation office, was heading westbound on Highway 99 near FM Road 2920 when his red Ford F-150 hit the median and went airborne to the other side of the Grand Parkway, hitting several vehicles.