What we know about at-fault driver in deadly Grand Parkway crash

HOUSTON – The man who investigators said was at-fault in a crash that killed two people Wednesday on the Grand Parkway has not been charged and was wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet when he crashed.

The at-fault driver has been identified as Charles Glaze. He has not been charged with a crime in the case.

Glaze, 54, told investigators he didn't remember what happened and that he has a history of seizures.

The Harris County District Sheriff's Office and the Harris County District Attorney's Office are digging into Glaze's medical history.

"We'll wait for the investigation to unfold some more before we make a charging decision. We facilitate any search warrants," Sean Teare, with the Harris County DA's Office, said.

Investigators will also do searches for the drivers' medical and criminal records, as well as phones and each cars' data recorders, or black boxes.

"We pull information from those which tells us speed; a lot of other information about what the car was doing before the crash," Teare said.

Glaze, who investigators said had left the probation office, was heading westbound on Highway 99 near FM Road 2920 when his red Ford F-150 hit the median and went airborne to the other side of the Grand Parkway, hitting several vehicles.

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Michael Brown and Linda Fuggiti were killed in the crash.

Investigators said Fuggiti, 66, was driving a Lexus on the eastbound side of the Grand Parkway when the Ford F-150 went over it, shearing off the top, and crashed into a Chevrolet HHR operated by 73-year-old Brown.

Brown's wife, Charlotte, suffered a broken collar bone.

One of Brown's neighbors and best friends said Brown had been a protector of the neighborhood.

"This death had effected me as much as a blood relative had been killed," Troy Butler said.

Butler said that Brown had a positive attitude and had even invited Butler's family over for Thanksgiving Dinner, when Butler had to work. They had known each other for 15 years.

"Just from the minute they drove up and I was out in the yard and they introduced themselves to me as my new neighbors, I just knew they were going to be special people," Butler said.

Butler is in contact with Charlotte who he said is still in the hospital.

"Charlotte's recuperating in the hospital over in The Woodlands, and I understand she's going to pull through her injuries. She's got family coming," Butler said.

VIDEO: Sky 2 flies over crash scene

Four other people were taken to Memorial Hermann Woodlands Hospital. Officials said three victims are in good condition, one is in serious condition and the other is in critical condition.

Video from Sky 2 showed at least six vehicles were involved in the crash.

Both sides of the highway were closed for hours on Wednesday. The westbound lanes reopened around 9:40 p.m.

"We're going to be digging in as much as possible," Sean Teare, with the Vehicular Crimes Division of the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Teare said the Harris County Sheriff's Office and the DA's Office are working together. The DA's office has ordered testing on blood specimen collected at the scene.

"We take blood from anyone that was operating a vehicle that we determine who was possibly at fault or not at fault," Teare said.

They are also analyzing Glaze's cellphone.

"We go backwards. We start from the crash, and we find out where everyone was coming from, what everyone was doing before that. And after we get a picture backwards, that's when we start going forward determining who is at fault, what the cause of the crash was--things like that," Teare said.

The case is expected to be forwarded to a grand jury.

Glaze's passport was relinquished to authorities.

Court records state Glaze was charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery in an unrelated 2017 case in Montgomery County. Montgomery County Sheriff's Deputies said Glaze's charges are still pending and that Glaze had a $250,000 bond on each charge.

"It appears that he has some legal issues up in Montgomery County at the moment--we are coordinating at the moment with the Montgomery County's DA's office and they're giving us as much information as we've ask for," Teare said.

Glaze is not allowed to go to cemeteries, investigators said.

In May, a deadly crash was reported in the same area when a vehicle fell onto the Grand Parkway from the FM 2920 overpass.