Hundreds shopped at local businesses in Houston for Small Business Saturday

SUGAR LAND, Texas – Small Business Saturday brought many people out to support local businesses that keep the local economy thriving.

The city of Sugar Land had asks its residents to frequent local shops to support the cause, a cause also backed by American Express. "Shop Small" totes, stickers and floor mats decorated several shop fronts at Sugar Land Town Square, including the House of Blooms. 

This little shop has been open for more than a decade. It is a family-owned business, and this Saturday, they hope everyone shops small.

"I'm one of the partners here at House of Blooms. We're a floral design studio. It's my mother and I and the rest of our family, and we have a wonderful staff, and we've just been blooming since 2008," said Tiffany Houck, co-owner at House of Blooms.

Designing bouquets is a craft to which Houck and her mother dedicated their lives. Houck started as a sweeper.

"Growing up, we'd spend time overseas, and we'd see all these little European flower shops, and we actually started in a small kiosk, and the idea was we wanted people to actually have flowers at home," Houck said.

Houck's whole family works the shop. Her uncle is the delivery person. They also hired several designers. This is one of many small businesses that hope to make good sales on Small Business Saturday. The National Retail Federation predicts 67 million people will make their way to small shops, despite the ever-popular Black Friday deals.

"They give you more attention and help you more, perhaps, and you want to give them a chance, because it's hard to compete with the big businesses," said Carol Evans, who was shopping in Sugar Land.

Evans is not alone.

"We just started shopping, and we're going to go and shop and support small businesses," said Yvonne Winthrow, another shopper.

"I want to support the local businesses so we can keep them around," said Evans' husband.

In Houston, the Briar Shoppe in Rice Village has been open for more than 56 years.

"What the small businesses bring is a sense of culture. The larger businesses all look the same. They're all the same, no matter where you go across the country, and that small business is that little piece of home. Get familiar with (it), and there's not going to be another place like it," said employee Tanner Hollier.

For Houck, this day is meaningful.

"Small Business Saturday means so much to us, because it is what supports our company," Houck said.

She hopes to never stop doing what she loves.

"It's an artistic form, and that's something that we want to continue to see, and that's why we're here day in and day out, so it can be here for many years to come," Houck said.