Kingwood neighbors help girl with cancer celebrate (late) Halloween

KINGWOOD, Texas – It may more than a week past Halloween, but along one street in a Kingwood neighborhood, trick-or-treating was in full swing.

The reason? Among the princesses (and even a cheetah) out making the rounds was one very special little pony by the name of Helaina.

"Heliana hasn't been able to participate Halloween the last couple of years because she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma on her second birthday," Sarah Trotter, Helaina's mom, said.

The 3-year-old has stage 4 cancer and spent the actual day of Halloween in a hospital in New York City for treatment. She was unable to make it back home in time to trick or treat with her two older sisters.

"I was really excited because this is going to be the first year doing it and unfortunately she had a reaction to the drug and they put her in ICU," Trotter said.

After hearing about what happened, a family friend quickly came up with an out-of-the-box idea -- of a Halloween do-over.

Several neighbors along the street took part, hung up a special flyer and passed out candy all over again -- this time for Helaina.

"It really makes me feel so good about our community that they're doing so much for us because we don't know what's going to happen in the next year," Trotter said.

For Helaina and her family, the spooky holiday may have been a few days later than expected, but the chance to feel normal again, even for one night, is something they'll never forget.

"We really know how precious any amount of time with her is because of her diagnosis," Trotter said.

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