How your dog's breed could affect your home insurance coverage

Four-legged best friend could turn out to be liability

HOUSTON – Your four-legged best friend could turn out to be a liability when purchasing homeowner's insurance.

When you contact agents, don't be surprised if you are asked if you have a dog, and if you do, what kind.

That's because insurers may decide they don't want to write a policy if you have a certain breed, or that breed may be a factor used to determine how much you'll have to pay for coverage.

Breeds that may not be acceptable to some insurance providers include:

-- Pit Bull Terrier
-- Staffordshire Terrier
-- Rottweiler
-- German Shepard
-- Presa Canario
-- Chow Chow
-- Doberman Pinscher
-- Akita
-- Mastiff
-- Cane Corso
-- Great Dane
-- Alaskan Malamute
-- Siberian Husky