PHOTOS: Friends stage epic prom photo shoot at Whataburger

(Sara Spada Photography)

HOUSTON – First graduation, and now, prom -- Whataburger is becoming the place to have your photo taken for high school milestones in Texas.

PHOTOS: Friends celebrate prom at Whataburger

Sara Spada Photography captured some sweet shots of Madison Hefner and Rance Henry before Magnolia High School’s prom last Friday -- and we’re not just talking about the milkshakes. 

Spada told KPRC2 that Hefner and Henry have been friends for most of their lives, and attended prom as friends.

The Whataburger shots hold special memories for Henry, a Magnolia High School baseball player who ate at Whataburger after every game.

In addition to the Whataburger photos, Spada also took a number of conventional shots. 

“They had a blast,” Spada said of the pair’s photo shoot. “They’re beautiful inside and out.”

As for Whataburger, Spada said they appear to be fans of the photos, as the burger chain has contacted her to use them.  

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