These are the most dangerous intersections in Houston

HOUSTON – Chances are you've either been involved in or seen a traffic accident in the Houston area. We don't have to tell you, driving in our city can be dangerous. But do you know the worst areas around town for drivers?

"No one uses blinkers, everyone speeds, nobody lets people in and people cut people off," said driver Marshall Robert. 

"We are all really aggressive. We all think we drive really well but most of the time we don't," another driver told us. 

From traffic jams to construction and accidents every day, we don't have to tell you it can be the wild, wild west out there on Houston freeways. 

"Houston is notorious for people cutting into your lanes, not paying attention," said driver Matt Juarez. 

Matt Juarez spends hours on the roads each week. He sees firsthand the impact of dangerous roads while on the job. 

"As a first responder, it does hit home," he said. "I'm more cautious when I drive."

Juarez said Houston roads can be confusing and crowded and drivers are often not paying attention. 

"Distracted driving is number one, whether it be texting or messing around with something in the car," said Juarez, "I've seen bad situations where people do lose their lives from driving while distracted."

"We absolutely want our fellow Houstonians and the people living in the Houston metro area to know where it's safe to be driving and where they need to be careful," said Attorney Stewart J. Guss.

So what areas of town have the most accidents? We teamed up with the Stewart J Guss Law Firm to give you a look at the most dangerous places in the Houston area. The information was gathered by using data from the Texas Department of Public Safety

Our dangerous intersections interactive map allows you to zoom into your own neighborhood and check for problem spots in your area.


No. 1 Most Dangerous Houston Intersection

The area with the most traffic accidents over the last five years is at Beltway 8 and Interstate 45 North.

There were 744 accidents reported there since 2012.

No. 2 Most Dangerous Houston Intersection

Coming in a close second with 731 accidents, 610 East where it meets Interstate 10

"We want people to be observant when they drive through these hot spot areas," said Guss.

Why are these areas dangerous? 

"Is it a question of shifting demographics and population or is it something inherent to the population and the surrounding area itself?" said Guss.

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There is some good news in the numbers -- when we last sorted the data back in 2012, Interstate 10 and 146 near Baytown topped the list. Accidents there are now down significantly. 

"In this case because the city of Houston continues to move west, it may be that it was just a shift in demographics away from that area that caused the decrease," said Guss.

Check out the intersections via Google Maps:

IH 45 + SL 8:  744

IH 610 + UA 90:  731

IH 69 + IH 610:  579

IH 45 + IH 610:  461

IH 610 + SS 261:  338

IH 69 + SL 8: 335

IH 10 + IH 610: 326

SL 8 + US 290: 324