10 places to find prescription drug discounts


HOUSTON – Prescription saving websites are often places where you can find cheaper prices for certain medications.

Most cannot be used when combined with insurance, but we found some prices even cheaper by just going through the website and not even using your insurance.
Good RX: Allows you to compare prices on prescription drugs, and print coupons. The site says it can save you 80 percent on drug prices.
Family Wize: Here, you can get a prescription discount card that allows you to shop for medications from pharmacy to pharmacy and choose the best prices.
Blink Health: The site says it has savings of up to 95 percent on more than 15,000 medications. You can pay for medication with an app or online and pick it up from a select pharmacy.
Refill Wise: This works with major retail pharmacies to bring cheaper prices for consumers. This pharmacy discount card allows you to collect points and earn cash rewards.
Discount Drug Network: Your free membership card helps find lower medication prices. The site can also find cheaper rates on pet prescriptions, for no extra fee.
EDrug Search: This allows you to search drug prices and print out free Rx coupons on most top-selling medications.
Internet Drug Coupons: You can search for specific coupons or sign up for a free prescription discount card.
Needy Meds: This gathers together coupons and discount codes for medication. The site also helps with buying necessary medical supplies that you might need.
Health Warehouse: This company is an actual online pharmacy. You can order medication at a discount and have it delivered to your home. Health Warehouse offers over-the-counter medications, too.
Refund Sweepers: This website gathers printable coupons for everything from baby items to groceries. It's also a good resource to many prescription drug discount companies.

While these individual companies promise to help you find discounts on drugs, we found you can often look to the main website of the specific drug and find discounts there, too. For example, Synthroid is a widely used thyroid hormone drug. We checked out the manufacturer website Synthroid.com and found printable coupons right on the front page.

This is another option to check when researching medication prices.


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