$3.7M donated to repair Habitat for Humanity flood-damaged homes

HOUSTON – Habitat for Humanity received a donation to repair the flood damaged homes of all 176 of their Houston homeowners. 

Aramco Services donated $3.7 million to take care of the gap between what FEMA is allotting and repair costs.

“We’re working together try to bring them back as soon as possible,” said Basil Abulhamayel, the Aramco Services president and CEO. “Some of these people have been staying with friends and family. Others have been in shelters and we recognize getting these people back into their homes as soon as possible is the best thing we can do for them.”

Abdel Amraoui was the first Habitat homeowner to hear the news.  

“It is like a weight has lifted,” Amraoui said.

KPRC had joined the Amraoui family and Habitat to help build their home. Abdel and his family moved in last year. Harvey flood damage forced the Amraoui’s from their home and the repair costs were steep for them. FEMA’s payment would only cover part of the cost.

“Twelve-thousand, six-hundred seventy four dollars --  that's how much they are willing to give but like I said before there is that gap between there,” Amraoui said. “Twenty-seven thousand dollars is how much it is going to cost.”

Habitat for Humanity and Aramco shared the news with Amraoui that Aramco Services would be filling the gap for him and the other Houston Habitat families. The Aramco Services donation would cover things like materials, appliances and air conditioning units.  The goal is to provide what each family needs to get back on track.

“We are committed to filling the gap between what is needed and what FEMA has already provided,” Abulhamayel said. “This is mainly to provide appliances, materials, whatever it is to bring the people back to their homes.  

For the Amraoui’s, it's a chance to get back on their feet without expensive repair loans.

Amraoui already felt the stress lifting.

When asked about what his wife and children would say, he replied, “I wish they were here. They would be jumping.” 

Habitat for Humanity says the goal is to have all the Habitat homes repaired and the families back in by the end of the year.

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