Woman claims she was punched during road rage incident in Fort Bend County

KATY, Texas – A Katy woman said she was sitting at the intersection of FM 1093 and FM 723 after she dropped her boyfriend off to work when a man came up to her car, opened her door and punched her in the face Thursday morning.

"The man behind me was honking at me for like a good minute or two, finally I was like, what is this? So I stuck my hand out and said it's a red light I can't move," Neighbors said. "He opened my door, he hit me and then he spit on me and before even shutting my door took off got in his car and zoomed away."

Neighbors said she was sitting at the light in the left turning lane when the altercation happened. 

She said the man who allegedly hit her in the face, had stuck his arm in her window, which was down, and opened the door that way.

“If he was going to shoot me he would have shot me while I was in the car,  so I got out and wanted to get to get at least a good license plate picture of him, so it doesn't happen again or if he has a bad morning and wants to attack another young woman for no reason,” said neighbors.

She said she recorded video of the man in his truck driving off, but did not get video of the alleged incident. She posted it to Facebook, but people on social media mixed up the license plate number and identified the wrong person.

"You really get to see on social media. You got to be careful. Two numbers mixed up and my day has just been a living nightmare," Matt Schomburg said.

Schomberg is an insurance agent in Katy. He said it couldn't be him because it's not in his character to act that way and his truck was totaled during Hurricane Harvey. Plus, it would be obvious if it was him because all of his cars are basically billboards, his name and pictures are on all of his vehicles.

"A little upset earlier today, but once I realized what was going on, I wanted to be as much of a help to figure out hey who's the real culprit who would do something so, so low," Schomburg said.

Instead of helping people with their hurricane claims, he spent the day clearing his name, answering phone calls and even had a stranger show up to his house.

"I talked to him. I apologized to him. He was like, 'It's OK. I'm not upset with you, I'm just glad you're OK that we got this under control," Neighbors said.

Neighbors took down his name, but kept the post up, saying her goal is to figure out who punched her.

There was another person identified later on in the day in her post and their information has been spread around social media. KPRC will not share that person's name, because authorities have not named that individual as a suspect.

KPRC did get in contact with the man. He said there was an altercation, but he did not touch anyone and said the neighbors’ accusations are false. The man said he and his wife have been receiving threats.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said they are investigating the incident.

The sheriff’s office said it does not suggest people post others information on social media, but instead contact authorities directly.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office is located at 1410 Williams Way Blvd. Richmond, TX 77469 and their number is 281-341-4704.

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