Houston Humane Society helps find homes for suspected puppy mill dogs

HOUSTON – The Houston Humane Society will take in more than 50 dogs rescued from an alleged puppy mill in Louisiana.

The small and medium breed dogs are expected to arrive at the Houston Humane Society Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. from St Landry Parish Animal Control.

"They’ve been through so much, and most of them were trying to lick our hands as we were bringing the carriers in. They still have trust in humans despite what humans have done to them," Houston Humane Society's Monica Schmidt said.

Schmidt and her team drove two rescue vans more than six hours to and from Louisiana and Houston, stopping every hour to bring the dogs to the adoption center safely.

The dogs were taken from a suspected puppy mill in St Landry Parish where authorities said the dogs were forced to live with little to no care.

“These animals were considered a resource, a way for these people to just make money. They weren’t treated as a family pet. They weren’t treated as a part of a home or family life,” said Schmidt. “They were in outdoor kennel runs. I saw pictures they were covered in feces, horrible filthy areas and it’s just sad that they’ve been in neglect for so long."

According to the HHS, many of the dogs are suffering from severe periodontal disease as well as a variety of other issues. 

At the Houston Humane Society, the dogs were met with open arms by veterinarians, vet techs and volunteers.

Each dog had a full check-up and will be spayed and neutered by HHS veterinarians. The HHS said it will be a week before any of the dogs are available for adoption or foster care.

“We’re really glad we were able to step up and help these particular dogs, now we are hoping Houstonians will too,” said Schmidt. “They want to be loved—just like the dog that’s in your family right now. This is the same thing, just not had anybody step up.”

For now the dogs will find peace at HHS’s Green Cabana, volunteers will go in and pet the dogs, helping them adjust to their new lives.

“I think with just a little bit of socialization work, these guys will be the perfect companions for somebody,” said Schmidt.

Anyone interested in adopting or fostering one of the dogs is asked to fill out an application online. Donations can also be made on the HHS website.



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